G. Michael Fitzgerald

Creative and motivated software engineer focused on constructing efficient, effective, and long-lasting solutions.

Contact Info

Charlottesville, Virginia


Lambda TestbedLightweight Code Testing Suite

A small framework allowing for easy testing of AWS-style Lambda functions. It supports Lambdas written in Python 3.5+, and I built it after a ton of projects I was working on all used Python Lambda functions in AWS. The interface is designed to be very simple to allow interns I was working with at the time to easily utilize the framework.

GatewayGeneric data collection and routing system

An easily expandable and adaptable system to manage the integration of data collection and data storage mechanisms, i.e. sources and sinks. No more spending thirty minutes setting up the basics of a data collection script every time one is needed. Instead, add a new data source file and it just works.

Smart Infrastructure FoundationEnd-to-end time series data management platform

A complete solution for collecting, managing, retrieving, and visualizing time series data in multi-tenant scenarios. Specifically built to avoid the traditional pitfalls of time series management platforms!

Living Link Lab Smart Infrastructure Research GroupGraduate Research Assistant


Brainstormed and implemented novel solutions for creating cloud infrastructure capable of supporting scalable IoT sensor deployments. Work also involved supporting the research of Ph.D. students, including the creation of utilities designed to make the existing large datasets compatible with new systems.

UVA Development HubDeveloper, Project Manager


Worked on numerous projects, including development and maintenance of the Devhub API, UVA Scheduler, Cavalier Online Experiences, LASE database project, and others. Oversaw the Internship Placement Program at Devhub, consisting of managing interns each semester.

UVA Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Rapid Prototyping LabLab Assistant


Printed and designed 3D models for clients. Cleaned and provided basic upkeep on Stratasys FDM and PolyJet machines. Occasionaly provided CAD assistance and to introductory engineering students and graded CAD assignments for Dwight Dart, the head of the lab.

ASM GlobalOperations Changeover Crew (PT), John Paul Jones Arena


Worked to convert the Arena from one function to another (i.e., basketball to concerts, theater, meetings, and other types of functions). Activities include both interior (tables, chairs, special equipment, etc) and exterior (road signs, traffic cones, etc). Worked is scheduled on an "as-needed" basis.

University of VirginiaMS: Computer Science

School of Engineering and Applied Science

August 2021 - May 2022

Thesis: Designing Time Series Data Storage Systems that Balance Performance, Usability, and Multi-Tenancy. doi: 10.18130/84k2-j503

University of VirginiaBS: Computer Science

School of Engineering and Applied Science

August 2017 - May 2021

Overall GPA: 3.88 | CS GPA: 3.94

Technical Skills
  • LanguagesJS/TSPythonC/C++/C#JavaPHPx86HTML/CSSSQLVB
  • Frameworks + LibrariesNodeDjangoReactjQueryMD/Bootstrap
  • Cloud ServicesMongoDBAWS API GatewayLambdaRDSVTLCognitoAmplifyEC2S3ALB/ELB
  • Environments + SoftwareLinux/UnixWindowsVirtualization (VirtualBox, etc)DockerAtomEclipseVSJUnitPostmanSwagger/OpenAPISolidworksOpenSCAD
  • OtherLinear AlgebraComplex Variable ApplicationsPartial Differential Equations
Soft Skills
  • Leadership
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Highly motivated

Additional Projects & Experience
  • SpaceBotWebsite, Discord bot, and web scraper which keep users up-to-date with the latest information concerning spaceflight activities. repo
  • RealitariumUnity3D project aimed at recreating a planetarium in virtual reality. repo
  • Teaching AssistantIntroduction to Engineering (Fall '19, '20) Mobile App Development (Spring '20).
  • Cavalier Online Experiences  Worked to bring outdated system back to life and overhaul the codebase. (Mar '19 - Jan '20)
  • ScorigamiSports score trackerhosted on Heroku

  • Hobbiesdesktop computer enthusiastelectronic sportstinkering
  • Otherroboticsnetworksbig datamachine learning

Awards, Recognitions, Certifications
  • ScoutingEagle ScoutGold Palm
  • UVADean's List (x4)
  • OtherSolidworks Certified (CSWA/CSWP)

Relevant graduate coursework

These courses were taken at the graduate instruction level. Courses have external links when applicable.

Air Quality Research (independent Study)Spring 20224.0
Cyber Physical Systems: Formal Methods, Safety, & SecuritySpring 20224.0
Machine LearningSpring 20224.0
Human Computer InteractionFall 20214.0
Advanced Embedded SystemsFall 20214.0
Smart & Healthy BuildingsFall 20214.0
Introduction to CryptographySpring 20213.7
Cloud ComputingSpring 20214.0

Relevant undergraduate coursework

The majority of these courses do not allow students to make their solutions public after the course has ended. Links to course content will reveal whatever is permitted.

Astronomy Calculator App Independent StudySpring 20204.0
Computer NetworksSpring 20204.0
Operating SystemsFall 20194.0
Internet Scalable ApplicationsFall 20193.7
AlgorithmsSpring 20194.0
Introduction to Cyber SecuritySpring 20194.0
Adv. Software DevelopmentSpring 20194.0
Computer ArchitectureSpring 20193.7
Program and Data RepresentationFall 20184.0